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We Work for Your Success

                                                          Our team of certified accounting professionals work tirelessly to bring you 

                                                           the accounting assurance you deserve. We are committed to our clients, 

                                                           helping them work and live without worrying about their financial

                                                           management concerns. Schedule a consultation today and see what tax

                                                           and accounting services we can offer you.

Aruna Pic LIJ.jpg


Managing Partner

Aruna has twelve years of business experience in accounting, audit and regulatory.  Aruna commenced at Australian Public Accountants in May 2019. He has been an Investigator at the Law Institute of Victoria together with the Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner for last 9 ½ years. Aruna has visited more than 600 law practices all around Victoria. Aruna is well experience Auditor, Forensic Accountant, and Investigator. He has expert knowledge of legal practices and complex legal - accounting matters.

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